创始人 | Founder
Simon, an English teacher full of dreams and passion, 
is the founder, Chairman and artistic director of Dash casa. 
With a persistent feelings, willful with Dashcasa towards the 
ultimate personality and fashion of life for 13 years, 
never hesitate, never timid, never give up, he knows the true 
meaning of life, he hopes to pass the beauty of the art of life to 
 the world...... Through the  Dash casa.
DASH CASA, a fashion home brand born out of pure art 
and personality, develops and manufactures fashionable 
and avantgarde fullscene home furnishings through its 
whollyowned design companies, software factories, 
hardware factories, wood factories and custom factories, 
serving the elites in more than 170 countries and regions 
around the world! Import household DASHCASA is not born, 
not false, is not the original Italian style, but just follow 
our definition of fashion and lifestyle, follow our 
understanding of the world art and culture, we will pay 
attention to learn and study all the excellent art 
and culture in the world,  including the master, 
of course also including folk and nameless...
We don't need everyone to approve and admire our works, because we 
disdain to compromise with the secular and the crowd's eyes, 
we only wish to dance with the people who know ourselves!
With the unique understanding of modern living, the DASH CASA subsoil 
contemporary and contracted household 13 years, the quality of the perfect 
interpretation of the personality and fashion life, no matter once upon a time the product research and development design to the whole house is 
decorated in the system, the overall kitchen, the whole cloakroom, furniture, lamps and lanterns, accessories, etc., all highly match owners demand for 
quality of life and desire, the perfect interpretation of the beauty of life!
DASH CASA, 一个因纯粹艺术及个性而诞生的时尚家居品牌, 通过旗下全资的设计公司, 软体工厂, 五金工厂,板木工厂, 定制工厂研发制造时尚前卫的全场景家居, 服务全球超过170个国家及地区的精英人士!DASH CASA不是出身名门,不是伪进口家居,也不是原版的意大利风格,而只是遵循我们对时尚及生活的定义,遵循我们对世界艺术及文化的理解,我们会用心的去学习和研究世界上所有的优秀艺术及文化,其中包括大师的,当然也包括民间的及无 名的....
凭着对现代人居生活的独特领悟, DASH CASA深耕现代简约家居13载, 完美的诠释着个性和时尚的品质生活, 无论从前端的产品研发设计到系统的全屋装修,整体厨房,整体衣帽间,家具,灯具,配饰等,无不高度匹配业主对品质生活的需求及渴望,完美的诠释着生活之美!
愿景使命 | Brand vision & mission
愿景使命 | Brand vision & mission
DASH CASA is committed to delivering comfortable, individual 
and fashionable lifestyle, "simple is not monotonous" the ultima-te furniture, reflects the taste of home. Behind each product, 
there is a profound meaning. From R & D design to production, 
all reflect the value of design and technology. A painting into 
the designer's passion for life; The process tech-nology of one 
link and one button endows the product with unique soul. The material is a bridge between the two. Different materials repres-ent different emotions. For example, wood represents natural 
temperature. Leather, a symbol of elegant taste, etc. 
Build natural and comfort-able space, material also is an indisp-ensable role. In addition, the Dash Casa can be custom-ized to meet your personal needs for your desired home life.
DASH CASA致力传递舒适、个性、时尚的生活方式, “简单不是单调”的极致家具,体现家居的品位。 每一件产品的背后,有着深厚的意义。 从研发设计到制作生产,无一不在体现设计与工艺的价值。 一笔一画倾注设计师对生活的热情; 一环一扣的工艺技术赋予产品独有的灵魂。 其中,材质为两者之间的桥梁。不同的材质,代表着不同的情感, 例如木材,代表自然温度;皮革,象征优雅的品位等。营造自然舒适的空间, 材质也是一个不可或缺的角色。 另外,DASH CASA还可以根据您的个性化需求, 进行专属定制,满足您向往的家居生活。
As a fashion home furnishing brand, Dash Casa attaches great importance to the quality of products, pursues the natural 
and simple form, locates the style of "high appearance level, high quality and high cost performance", and creates the 
products with brand characteristics. With excellent design, 
high quality materials, exquisite technology, won the majority of users love. A reflection of home art sense, the ultimate 
aesthetic way of the "three high" product style, can not be 
denied its value.
DASH CASA作为一个时尚家居品牌, 十分注重产品的质量之外, 追求自然简单形态, 定位“高颜值、高品质、性价比高”的风格, 打造出具有品牌特色的产品。 以出色的设计,优质的材料,精湛的工艺, 赢得大部分用户的喜爱。 一种体现家居艺术感,极致美学方式的“三高”产品风格, 无可置否它的价值。
品牌优势 | Brand advantage
More than ten years of growth, accumulated a lot of wind and rain experience, 
precipitation in the process of constantly improve the core competitiveness, 
interpretation of high quality life aesthetics, convenient for users to improve the taste of life. In addition, Dash Casa leads senior white-collar workers, 
fashion people or elite people to return to the real life, feel the natural warmth, 
comfort and elegance of life.  
Dashcasa yearns for natural, comfortable, individual and fashionable home life 
style. In terms of home aesthetics, he has a deep understanding and firm to the product design concept of "abandon complicated and complicated". It seems like escaping from the bustling city and returning to the natural and pure utopia. 
Allow users to indulge in exclusive Yue space, experience unparalleled comfort. Believe that every corner of the home inadvertently released an interesting soul.
品牌优势 | Brand advantage
十几年的成长里, 积累不少风雨经历, 沉淀的过程中不断提升核心竞争力, 演绎高品质的生活美学, 便于用户提高生活品味。 另外,DASH CASA引领高级白领、时尚人士或精英人士等, 回归本真的生活,感受生活的自然亲切,舒适与优雅。  
DASHCASA向往自然、舒适、个性、时尚的家居生活方式。 在家居美学上,对“摒弃繁杂”的产品设计理念有着深厚的理解与坚定。 恍如逃离纷扰的繁华都市,回到自然纯粹的乌托邦。 令用户纵情享悦专属空间,体会无比舒适感。 相信,家里的每一寸角落都不经意间释放出有趣的灵魂。
设计团队 | Design Team
设计团队 | Design Team
Adhering to the "design to create extraordinary" service concept, gathered a group of professional knowledge and enthusiastic design "enthusiasts".
We advocate the trend, but do not forget the essence; Bold use of innovative thinking, excellent spirit, focus on creating brand value and core for customers.
Provide space aesthetics and product design, from brand strategy to brand presenta-tion, online digital marketing to offline event experiential marketing, 
provide one-stop team services and overall R & D system solutions.